Lackford Engineering

MG Midget and Sprite Challenge

The Lackford Engineering Midget & Sprite Challenge is a national race series for MG Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites (built 1956-1979). The championship, established in 1977, is now in its 42nd season and is run at all major UK circuits, it is professionally organised but also is a very friendly championship.

For more information about the regulations of the championship, please browse the website using the menu at the top. For any newbies to the championship then please feel free to contact one of the drivers or the organiser through the contacts page or use the discussion forum.

The discussion forum is a good source for technical information as all the drivers in the championship check it and are very willing to help


Top 10 Summary - 2018

46ASteve Collier177
11EPaul Campfield170
35DEd Easton164
7EPippa Cow156
45ADavid Morrison109
57ERobin Lackford108
19EIan Burgin105
16CAndrew Wolf95
68ARichard Bridge93
49EKim Dear80
8ANick Day66
17ERichard Homer66
3DMark Witherspoon63
63AStephen Watkins57
25ETom Walker54
99ARichard Wildman54
4ADave Weston54
31AStephen Pegram30
54EKeith Egar28
33DJohn Bridge28
14DJon Simpson26
87EAbigail Whitt22
111DMartyn Clews21
77APaul Sibley20
36EDean Stanton19
6AMartin Morris16
3DNigel Lackford16
140EJohn Collinson12
55AAndrew McGee12
52ECarl Chadwick11
20ABruce Carter11
21DNick Rose11
52DCarl Chadwick8
43AEdward Weston7
47DJohn Tewson2
15EJames Fettiplace2
21EStephen Cooper2
69BPeter Kennerley2
2AEdward Reeve0
88ERichard Perry0
9EPat Harris0
55EAdam Key0
13ENeville Laskey0
24EJohn Hughes0
24DJim Prior0