Round 5 Donington Park 31st May 2015

Words and Pictures by : Phil (Scoop) Broster.

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We were at Donington for round five of the Lackford Engineering Midget and Sprite challenge and after the Brands weekend Andy Southcott in his Class B Midget was leading the championship. There’s a battle brewing in the Healey Class E between current champion Paul Campfield and Richard Perry and Paul Sibley is in the frame despite his trouble at Brands.


Entries for Donington were down slightly with 18 runners. We had Dean Stanton and Pat Harris entered but neither showed, however, we did have Dominic Mooney in Class B and Nick Day in Class A and at the very last minute Paul Sibley had entered with his car repaired after Brands. He was not impressed with the recovery guys though who apparently caused more damage getting the car back to the Paddock.

The other entries included Martin Morris and James Dunkley in Class A, Chris and Andy Southcott, Carl Chadwick, Stephen Watkins, Phil Attwood and a returning Richard Wildman in Class B. Class D had John Bridge and Phil Briggs and the Class E runners were Paul Campfield, Pippa Cow, Richard Perry, Ian Burgin and Robin Lackford.

Qualifying and it was wet, wet at Donington also means slippery, not least because of the aviation fuel which drops on the circuit from the airport flight path and everyone I spoke to had an issue with that, mainly with unsuitable tyres.

Sibley was shaking down the car but still came out on pole, Southcott A was alongside with Wildman making good in the conditions to record third fastest. Watkins, Mooney, Southcott C completed the top six. Behind came Day, Perry, Morris, Chadwick and Campfield. Dunkley, Burgin, Bridge, Cow, Attwood, Lackford and Briggs completed the order.

So, many people out of expected position for the race and that should make the first few laps interesting.

Fortunately this crazy summer we are having meant that it had stopped raining by the time the grid formed although it was still far from warm. Into the first corner it was Southcott C who took the lead from Sibley with everybody else streaming round, already Morris and Dunkley were making ground.


Halfway through that lap Sibley took the lead with a lot of weaving and squabbling going on behind. As they came through to complete lap one the order was Sibley from Southcott with Wildman hanging onto third. But behind already were Dunkley and Morris with Mooney in his lime green Midget in attendance. There was a slight gap then a whole train led by Southcott C., Chadwick, Day, Campfield, Watkins, Perry, Cow and Lackford all jostling for position. Attwood, Burgin, Bridge and Briggs completed the field.

By the next lap Dunkley had moved into second with Morris challenging Wildman and Southcott A. Morris would take one and then the other in the next two laps to put himself third. Campfield had got ahead of Chadwick and Southcott C and there was a battle brewing between Mooney and Perry with Cow catching them quickly.

We lost Briggs on lap 5 and unfortunately Chadwick had a spin which dropped him from the front. Perry and Mooney swapped places and pulled up to Watkins with both of them passing and it wasn’t long before we had the dice of the day with Cow joining in. Day pulled up with a broken A frame which stopped his race. Attwood slowed at the chicane before picking up and getting going again. Its that intermittent electrical fault that’s been plaguing him for some time. We also lost Campfield with two laps to go.

The dice between Mooney, Perry and Cow went on for lap after lap with places being swapped constantly and this went on to the flag with Mooney just edging out Perry by a fraction with Cow on their tail.

Sibley was holding a constant seven second gap to Dunkley with Morris some distance behind but keeping Southcott A at bay and Wildman was racing hard in fifth.

With twenty minutes gone the flag was out and it was Sibley, Dunkley, Morris, Southcott A, Wildman and Southcott C. Then came that Mooney, Perry, Cow fight with Watkins not far behind. Lackford came home ahead of Attwood, Burgin, Chadwick and Bridge.

Another good race, fast and furious on this circuit and the next round at Silverstone should provide a similar race.

Scoops momentous moment : watching Cow and Perry go side by side around the whole of Redgate Corner.