2014 Race Reports – Round 2 Donington Park 30th March 2014

Words and Pictures by : Phil (Scoop) Broster.

‘e’ mail : phil_scoop@hotmail.co.uk phone : 07912537640

So, with Round one over, Sunday 30th brought the second round of the Lackford Engineering Midget and Sprite Challenge and the day looked bright if a little chilly for the early race start. Fourteen cars were ready to resume battle once again on the full Grand Prix circuit.

Amongst the prospective starters were Pippa Cow and Richard Wildman who both had issues in the race the day before. We were obviously missing Actman, Dunkley and Tewson after qualifying and Walker who had returned home.

The grid for the second round was, as is usual, decided on the second best qualifying times from the day before which as it turned out with the absentees was exactly as it had been for round one.

We had Weston on pole with Reeve, Morris and Healey completing the Class A lockout. Campfield’s Class E Sprite was next ahead of the Class B horde of Neat, Pratt, Watkins and Southcott. Cow was next, then came Wildman, Harman, Chadwick and Homer completing the order.

The scheduled stat of 10.30 was slightly delayed, but eventually the grid formed and waited for the start. As the lights flashed Weston took off to lead. This time Reeve made a better start but was pushed into third by Morris. Making an even better start was Neat who was ahead of both Healey and Campfield who had also made a place early on that first lap. Pratt followed Neat, Southcott too had got ahead of Healey.


So the order at Goddards after the first lap was Weston, Morris, Reeve, Neat, Pratt, Campfield, Southcott and Healey. Watkins, Wildman, Cow, Harman, Chadwick and Homer completed the field.

Reeve would take Morris before the second lap, but Morris would come back and the two of them would swap places continually through the race. There was a moment when Reeve dived up the inside of Morris into Goddards late on the brakes and it looked like he wouldn’t make it round, he did, impressive!

Healey and Campfield wouldn’t hang about and made their way up the order with Healey being the most impressive making it up to fourth spot by the end. There was a good battle with Pratt and Southcott on the way. In particular, Campfield and Southcott would battle for a couple of laps.

Likewise Neat and Pratt would fight until the end with Neat bursting out of Goddards for several laps right on the yellow cars tail. This would go on to the flag resulting in the closest finish at the line, Pratt just edging it.

Meanwhile, Reeve and Morris’s fight was allowing Weston to break away and at the end Weston was six seconds clear. Morris dropped back on the last lap and it looked like he had conceded defeat but far from it, he had snapped his gearlever off at the Melbourne Loop and with just the stump remaining had found it impossible to continue close combat.


At the flag then we had Weston, Reeve and Morris, ahead of Healey and Campfield with Pratt and Neat not far behind and very close together. Southcott followed, with Watkins, Wildman, Cow, Harman, Chadwick and Homer completing the order.

The race was close from second place down with the unique fact of no retirees and Reeve posting a new lap record which might stand for a while unless the Loop is used in the future. Off we go to Brands for another two rounds in May, see you there!

Scoops momentous moment : That late brake dive from Ed Reeve at Goddards!